David Lynch - The Art Life
Full movie soundtrack by Jonatan Bengta
Out Spring 2017

The mOOnbird - This is Viking
12-track LP + digital, June 2013
Feat. Gonjasufi and We Are The World
Artwork by Asger Carlsen
out on GERM

The mOOnbird - Tropical Distractions
6-track LP + digital, Dec. 2010
LP artwork by Emilie Therese

stream/download Tropical Distractions

The mOOnbird - AWBiiNS
3-track digital EP, March 2012

stream/download AWBiiNS

Colombia Residency 2012

Limited items for sale:

Vinyl Test Press of "This Is Viking" signed with my blood (2 copies left)
Price: 1 bitcoin.

Please get in touch for wallet address and shipment

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     This Is Viking by Asger Carlsen